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Majid Al Futtaim -
Mall of the Emirates

Digital Christmas Tree - Media Installation & Experiential Content Design

Video Playback (with sound)

The Mall of the Emirates & MullenLowe Mena approached with a request to create the Mall of the Emirates’ official 2021 Christmas tree....but with a twist.  It needed to be an abstract sculpture and involve a high-end digital immersive show.

This one-of-a-kind digital Christmas tree was designed to create impact in two ways. Firstly, to thrill shoppers with a stunning festive visual spectacle, featuring a custom 3D modelled and decorated CGI tree, tailored to the custom media sculpture.  Secondly, to convey a sobering message to the public about the issue of earth deforestation. The latter achieved through specially simulated digital fire visual effects.​

Every hour a show would take place, during which the tree would start to burn slowly, before becoming a raging inferno. This was layered with voice-over from an environmentalist influencer, to drive the message further.

During the day when the show wasn’t running, the tree used real-time technology to generate falling snowflakes, fairy dust and various animated ornaments.

I designed the structure to hold 552 LED panels and directed the content creation for the Christmas Tree festive state and the wildfire show animation.

Role: Creative Lead, Media Sculpture Design, Art Direction, 3D & Animation Lead

Process & Full Show

(with sound)

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