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Geometry - a WPP Company
Immersive Showroom Experience

Transforming Geometry’s HQ meeting space into an immersive showroom


Video (with sound)

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Design, 3D & Animation Lead


Geometry (a WPP company) wanted to create an immersive experience to bring their campaign projects and brand to life for partners and clients at their corporate headquarters.


Using the traditional business meeting room as a canvas, transform it into an immersive space that showcases the companies brand and portfolio in a memorable way. 

Creative Development Process - Key Concept

geometry - storm 8.png

Storyboard frame

geometry - storm 6.png
geometry - storm 5.png
geometry - storm 7.png
geometry - storm 3.png

Mood board reference only - credit unknown

geometry - storm 4.png

Symbols from Geometry brand identity symbols/ hieroglyphics

Visual language of storm and torrential rain with sound effects, combined with Geometry brand identity symbols/ hieroglyphics.


The storm gives way to sunshine effect streaming into the room, also made up of hieroglyphics and representing the energy and ideas seeping into the room from the agency headquarters.

geometry - sun 2.png
geometry - sun 5.png

Photography for moodboard reference only - credit unknown

geometry - sun 1.png

Storyboard frame



The ‘sunshine’ hieroglyphics are then woven through the sequence and used as a device to transition, as the agencies portfolio of work is revealed over time.

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