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adidas - Ozworld S22 Product Launch
'Phygital' Interactive Experiences

Video Playback (with sound)

The task was to take the adidas Ozworld metaverse campaign concept and put a 'phygital' spin on it to create multi-store experiences for the launch of this unique product range in Dubai. The three shoes in the Ozworld range are named Ozweego, Ozelia, Oznova.

Drawing inspiration from Ozworld’s campaign tagline ‘Enter Ozworld,’ my team and I devised two key activation concepts:

An interactive installation inviting consumers to ‘’Enter Ozworld’’, by reaching their hands into one of three cavities in a science lab design inspired structure. This action then triggered the opening up of one of three portals on a transparency controllable digital screen. Each portal opened up a transparent 'window' to reveal one of the three physical Ozworld shoes set within their respective world ‘’alien’’ environments.

A touch interactive digital globe allowing consumers to tap and select one of the three ‘alien’ worlds of Ozworld. They were then free to explore the unique environments by spinning the globe. To further enrich the experience, selecting one of the three worlds also triggered that respective world's global campaign ad AV content to play on the store’s giant digital LED facade.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Design, 3D & Animation Lead

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