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Ariel Nanopods Launch Event
'Phygital' Interactive  Experience

Video Playback (with sound)

JWI and Be Experiential wanted us to help Ariel communicate to visitors, the top 4 benefits of the new Ariel Nanopod product as part of their launch event at Ain Dubai Wheel.

An interactive OLED screen controlling a big LED screen, provided the stage for this communication.  This particular combination of technology, was inspired by the technology featured in the official Ariel Nanopod Promo Film.

Also taking visual graphic inspiration from the promo film, I came up with 4 unique gamification concepts based around Ariel Nanopod product benefits and led the design and programming teams in putting together the experiences.

Role: Creative & Art Direction, Gamification Concepts, Design, 3D & Animation Lead

Agency: JWI

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