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Storefront LED Media Facade - Experiential Content

Adidas commissioned the creation of bespoke large format motion content design for it's LED media façade screens situated at the Mirdif City Centre - Dubai Originals store.

Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction & Animation Direction

adidas Original's lifestyle concept store is an homage to vintage adidas brand and classic product lines.  The sub-brand leans on nostalgia, boasts heritage but from a modern or futuristic perspective.

With these brand pillars in mind, we decided to explore the two themes of ‘Collections’ and ‘DNA’, landing on two core visual concepts to inform the content design.

One being marbles, as a nostalgic nod towards vintage collectables. The other, iconic sneaker laces animated to mimic DNA strands. 

Due to the narrow profile of the screens, the content was carefully designed to work compositionally and move in a primarily vertical manner. The DNA strand form lent itself well to these restraints and so we echoed it across both the marble and shoelace concepts.

The content had to follow the iconic blue and white colour branding palette.

The result - dramatic, playful but graceful sequences, providing a strong and attention-grabbing brand impression for recepients.

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